The Expert Team Dedicated to Building Your Business

photo of Nishant Shah with green background

Meet Nishant (but we call him Nish) Shah, our Senior Vice President of Product and Consumer Lending. He’s also the guy who’s dedicated to making your life easier!

Feedback is incredibly important to us and we always want to hear from you—correction: we need to hear from you—in order to ensure that we’re equipping you with the right tools, resources, products, and promotions to run your business successfully. A big part of Nish’s job is to work closely with our account management team to make sure your voices are heard. He uses the feedback we get from our partners to develop programs and plans that cater to your needs, like building the attractive promotions, innovative partnership programs, and user experience improvements for you and your customers. All of these enhancements come together to help you increase revenues while making the sales experience frictionless and improving the customer experience.

“Having been in the home comfort and finance business for many years, I’ve seen companies try a lot of different things. But what makes SNAP different is the vision, drive, support, and trust we give to our partners,” says Nish. “Our team is truly invested in seeing our dealers succeed and we’re committed to doing everything we can to help them reach and surpass their business goals.” Want to get in touch with Nish? Feel free to reach out to him at [email protected].