Grow Your Business with a Customer-Centric Approach

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From day one, our focus has been on innovation that improves the customer experience. Wondering why? The reason is simple. Because focusing on your customer is what will ultimately drive our shared success.

How We Measure Customer Experience

Our approach to customer experience is guided by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is known as the gold standard of customer experience metrics. NPS measures the loyalty of a customer based on how likely they are to recommend a company or service to a friend. At SNAP Home Finance, we report against NPS and this is one of the key metrics that our teams use to drive our strategy and measure success.

We’ve also developed a process that enables the customer experience to evolve over time based on the feedback that our frontline team members are collecting. We use that feedback to identify actionable insight and further refine our customers’ experience journey. This is a constant, ever-revolving process that receives our ongoing dedication, helping us to improve and uphold excellent customer satisfaction every single day.

Why Should You Care That We’re So Focused on Customers?

Taking a customer-first approach is ultimately the thing that will put more money in your pocket. We may have a great rate card, but without products and experiences that are designed specifically for your customers, they are going to find the products and services they want, elsewhere.

What truly drives our collective business success is being able to offer the products that your customers want and need, so you can sell more at the kitchen table. And then follow up that sale with an experience that drives real value for customers.

Let’s break it down a little with a couple examples of how our customer-centric approach can impact your business.

  • Breaking Down Financial Obstacles: You have a customer who really wants to remodel their kitchen, but just can’t afford to front the cost of it. Our 240-month amortization product allows for them to get the job done now and then pay it down at their own pace with affordable monthly payments. Without that product, the sale could have been in jeopardy.
  • Solid Digital Infrastructure: A customer is interested in financing their new HVAC equipment, but is turned off by the idea of dealing with complicated paperwork. Our digital infrastructure was built with a singular goal of providing an improved customer experience and seamless journey, from the application right through to funding. Being able to sell them using this technology will make it this much easier to close that sale.
  • Upsell on Quality: A customer has applied for financing for their new HVAC system, but unfortunately could not be approved. Rather than let that customer walk away, you can tell them about our leasing options, which were designed to help more customers gain access to leading energy-efficient equipment if they’re declined or ineligible for financing. To improve the customer experience, we’ve simplified and streamlined the process—they’ll be able to get the equipment they need, and you’ll still be able to close your sale.

At the end of the day, your customers are your bread and butter. We get that. And that’s why everything we do revolves around ensuring that their experience is nothing but positive. It’s just one of the many ways we partner with you to grow your business and help you succeed!

Interested in learning more about our customer-centric programs and strategies? Contact your Business Development Manager!