Home Improvement Demand Is Rising—Don’t Let Future Supply Chain Issues Negatively Affect Your Business


The past year-and-a-half has been something of a roller coaster, to say the least. The good news is we’re seeing an increase in demand for home improvement financing.  In Q2, we saw a 30% increase in demand over Q1, and we’re seeing that same spike as we head into fall and winter. The challenge is we’re also seeing supply chain issues—we saw a 10% delay in job completions.

Get ahead of increased demand and decreased supply by informing your customers of these likely issues. Don’t let demand and supply issues negatively affect your business. Your customers want their home improvement projects completed as quickly as possible (and so do you), so use this as a tool to drive urgency.

Use This Info to Drive More Sales and Complete More Jobs

  1. Think ahead. Consider ordering the equipment you know you’ll need now to ensure that you’re able to complete your jobs this winter.
  2. Manage customer expectations. Communicate openly with your customers and reinforce the ongoing demand and supply issues that may result in project delays in fall and winter.
  3. Drive urgency. Get your customers to commit to jobs now to reduce the effect of future supply chain issues.

For more information on market insights, please feel free to connect with your Business Development Manager, who’s always available to help!