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The holidays can be a challenging time of year for dealers. Home improvements are often the last thing on customers’ minds, and many tend to put off decision-making until after the holidays. But you can still close off the year strong!

Changes in Consumer Spending

Consumer spending habits around the holidays have certainly shifted over the past couple of years. Lockdowns and public health measures for most of 2020 meant a significant slump in holiday spending—one-third less than in 2019, to be exact. However, while less was spent on gifts and holiday travel, more money was put toward home improvements:

  • More than half of Canadians renovated their homes in 2020 with the intention of improving their living space.
  • 29% of homeowners who renovated did so to upgrade their homes for non-essential reasons (aesthetic and recreational reasons).
  • 16% of renovations were done to increase home value for resale in the next one to three years.

This home improvement trend continued into 2021. We saw a 30% increase in home renovation applications in the second quarter of 2021 and a 15% increase in applications in August compared to July, as more people continued to invest in home upgrades.

How Will the Holidays be Different in 2021?

This year, things are expected to be different. Experts are projecting a rise in Canadian spending for the holidays in 2021. Stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues are open again, and capacity restrictions have also eased for gatherings, not to mention the lifting of travel restrictions. Canadian consumers are expected to spend 29% more this year than they did in 2020, with a greater focus on gifts, travel, and entertainment.

If people are going to be doing more holiday spending this year, that may mean less to spend on home improvements and renovations. However, that’s where being able to offer financing solutions work to your advantage.

How to Use Financing to Close the Deal

Financing can help you convert more customers and close more deals with the benefit of affordable monthly payments—they can get the home improvements they want now without having to sacrifice their budget (or their holiday spending). Here are a few examples of how financing can help you save a deal this holiday season:

  • Improving Affordability: Your customer wants to refinish their basement before the holidays, but the quote comes in higher than planned and they can’t afford it. Pair financing with our 240-month amortization option and they’ll be able to complete their project the way they’d like and can pay it off at their own pace with affordable monthly payments.
  • Managing Unexpected Expenses: A homeowner’s furnace needs to be replaced two weeks before Christmas, and they’d rather settle for lower-end equipment than spend more to purchase a high-end product. Pitch the option of financing. They’ll be able to access industry-leading, energy-efficient equipment with affordable monthly payments and $0 upfront.
  • Making More Manageable Investments: A customer needs their windows replaced, but with other financial obligations around the holidays, they can’t afford to spend any more right now. Use our 3-for-free promotion to offer them three months of no payments and interest—with no dealer fee, it won’t cost you anything either.

So, what does all this mean? We know the holiday season can be stressful, but our financing options can make home upgrades more accessible and less of a financial burden during a time of year that can already be pricy. With your help, customers will feel safe deciding to go through with a furnace upgrade during the coldest time of the year or complete the renovations they want to make for the perfect holiday reunion with family. Either way, financing will not only add value for your customers, but it’ll also help you make this year one for the books.

As always, feel free to reach out to your Business Development Manager for more tips on doing more business around the holidays. We’re always here to help!

We want to make sure you’ve got all the tools and resources you need to be able to convert every customer and close every sale. That’s why in addition to any of our seasonal promotions, you can still also take advantage of our exclusive 3-for-free dealer offer.

With this promotion, you can offer customers the option of putting off payments for the first three months of their agreement—that means no payments, no interest, no questions asked for the first three months. Better yet, it won’t cost you a thing because there’s no dealer fee either! On a $10,000 loan, it can save you as much as $125.*

Close More Deals, Win More Prizes

Don’t forget about our incentive program, The Great Canadian Dealer Showdown. From now until the end of the year, every deal you submit will count for something—approved deals up to $10K will get you one ballot and deals over $10K gets you two ballots. Plus, earn 4x times the ballots for non-deferral products. We’re giving away weekly and monthly prizes for the highest number of ballots, plus random draws every week and month. There’s also a huge giveaway at the end of the year worth $15,000! The more deals you submit, the more chances you have to win.

Click here for more information and to see the full list of prizes or contact your Business Development Manager.

*Based on a $10K loan, 60-month term and 180-month amortization.


Consumer financing is a tool that can have a massive impact on your business, expanding your profit-earning potential and driving overall company growth. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of financing and how to sell it to your customers more effectively.

Increase Your Average Ticket Size

Offering financing not only increases your closing ratios by 10-15%, but it can also increase your average ticket size. On average, customers are willing to pay 25% more when they’re spreading the amount over monthly payments when compared to an upfront, all-cash purchase.

Close More Deals at the Kitchen Table

By offering affordable monthly payment options to your customers, you can make home projects like renovations or upgrades more accessible to a broader customer base, which means you’re more likely to hear “yes” at the kitchen table, instead of having customers walk away due to high upfront costs.

Increase Your Lead Volume

Financing increases your lead volume, because the option of monthly payments caters to a broader range of budgets and therefore appeals to a larger customer base. By offering financing, you can tap into a much wider market of homeowners who want to engage in home projects but who may not have the available cash flow for a significant upfront investment.

Take Advantage of the Home Improvement Boom

There’s no doubt that the home improvement market has seen a boom since the pandemic. Our loan applications for major renovation projects like roofing, windows, and doors grew by 36% from Q1 to Q2 of 2021, while non-essential projects were still up by 23% during the same period. Offering financing enables you to get your cut of this increased interest in home improvement.

Help Your Customers Make Their Money Go Farther

Everyone wants the best of the best, but not everyone has the cash on hand to make that happen. Financing is a win for you, but also for your customers. With affordable monthly payments, flexible payment options, and a range of options to choose from, they’re able to access top-of-the-line options while still staying within the confines of their budget.

Simplify Tasks for Your Staff

Internally, offering financing can also be a boon to your staff by taking a considerable amount of work off your team’s plate. When you work with a financing partner like SNAP Home Finance, we pay within 48 business hours of job completion, so you won’t have to worry about chasing down customers for payments. Plus, the application process is quick and easy—it can be completed digitally with the customer right at the kitchen table through a simple online form.

How to Effectively Market Financing to Your Customers

The most common issue when it comes to selling financing is that we assume our customers’ financial situation. If customers aren’t taking advantage of your financing options already, it’s likely because they don’t know you have them available. Here are a few tips to help promote financing more effectively with your customers, so you can close more deals and boost your revenue.

  1. Make sure the option to finance is clearly posted on your website, in any customer communications you have (e.g., newsletters, flyers, etc.), or on your social media channels.
  2. Introduce financing to every customer. Remember, you can never assume what their financial situation looks like, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from mentioning the financing option.
  3. Show examples of financing so customers can see the numbers in action. For example, show them what their monthly payments could be with three different amortization periods (120 months, 180 months, and 240 months). They’ll very quickly see where they can get the best value for their budget.
  4. Use the language of opportunity rather than obligation. Financing is an opportunity to get what they want now through manageable monthly payments, rather than waiting until they have the cash available.
  5. Take advantage of promotions to pass on savings to your customers. We offer a variety of seasonal promotions and offers, including 3-month deferrals (no payments or interest for 3 months with no dealer fees), 6-month deferrals, 9-month deferrals, 12-month deferrals, and rate buydowns. All of these can be used as an added incentive to help you persuade customers who may be on the fence.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with your Business Development Manager to understand how our products and services can help advance your business as we head into the new year.


Dealer support is always at the forefront of what we do, and our goal is to ensure that we’re consistently providing the best possible experience for you. We are excited to share two new enhancements we’ve recently made to improve the dealer experience and provide more seamless support for you and your business.

A New Dedicated Dealer Experience

We’ve created a dedicated support line for dealer experience. Here’s the number so that you can save it to your contacts: 1-855-327-6367.

Instead of having multiple phone numbers for credit and dealer support, we have one number you can call to have all your questions answered—think of it as a one-stop-shop for you and your business. When you reach us on the new number, you’ll be able to pick from two prompts, one for the status of your application and another for general support. Rest assured that even with the new phone number, all our existing contact numbers remain in place, so you’ll be able to get in touch with our team either way.

Extended Hours of Operation

In addition to the new phone number, we have also extended our hours of operation for our dedicated dealer experience line. You can now reach the team on Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. EST to 11 p.m. EST.

Stay tuned for more enhancements coming soon.

If you have any questions about our new and improved dealer experience team, or if there’s any other support you need, please feel free to reach out to your Business Development Manager at any time!


It’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of 2021. With a new year on the horizon, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing partnership personally. We’ve had a fantastic year, despite the many obstacles around us. With your support, we’ve seen record-breaking application numbers and are on track to make even greater strides in the coming months.

We continue to be dedicated to helping you grow your business. We are focused on developing new programs and enhancements that will help you do more, earn more, and grow more. When we told you we’d have your back every step of the way, we weren’t kidding. Together, we can smash the status quo and change the game.

From me and my family to you and yours, we wish you a happy holiday season. Thank you again for your continued support, and we look forward to working with you on newer, bigger things in 2022!

We’ve reached our final month in the Great Canadian Dealer Showdown! This is your last chance to ramp up your sales and get your deals in for a chance to win the grand prize worth $15,000. Plus, we’re now also offering new $500 weekly draws to celebrate our valued dealers.

Keep reading for a quick recap on how the program works and how you can maximize your deals to get 4x the ballots, giving you even more opportunities to win! Prizes range from a $50 gift card to the latest electronics, unforgettable vacations, and even $15,000 cash.

How the Great Canadian Dealer Showdown Works 

From now until December 31, 2021, every approved application submitted is worth at least one ballot.* You’ll earn even more for approved non-deferral applications, which are worth 4x the number of ballots and are eligible for additional prizes every week and month. Keep in mind that this program is for all individuals who originate a loan with SNAP Home Finance, so be sure to share it with your team to get them motivated.

What You Could Win 

With your ballots, you are eligible for weekly and monthly prizes. Since we’re coming to the end of the program, we’ve still got a few weekly prizes left to win, plus December’s monthly winners, before we wrap up with the highly anticipated Grand Prize, which will be awarded in January 2022.

Weekly Prizes

Every week in December, you have three chances to win.

  • The individual that submits the highest number of ballots wins a $100 gift card.
  • We’ll do two random draws from all ballots for $50 gift cards.
  • Plus, we’ll do a random draw from all non-deferral ballots for a $500 gift card!

“I was so excited to win the $100 gift card! I appreciate it a lot. I bought some nice scented candles, some Moroccan body oil, and a Moroccan oil hair mist. Now, I just have to win that $15,000 or that tropical vacation! It’s so nice to have a contest. It adds a little more excitement to the process! Thanks so much, you guys!” – Lindsey Hardcastle, Bath Fitter

“I personally transferred all my gift card money to Amazon because I’m shopping on there frequently. It’s great not using my own bank for my Amazon purchases. SNAP Home Finance definitely pushes me to push for more financial deals to get that extra bonus. That’s the exact motivation that we need. On top of all of that, the more you finance deals, the bigger deals you’ll get. That in itself is motivation.” – Jordan Smith, Mersey Heating and Air Conditioning

Monthly Prizes

In addition to the weekly prizes, you also have two additional chances to win at the end of the month.

  • The individual with the highest number of ballots at the end of the month wins a prize valued at $750. Prize options include a spa day for two, a Series 6 Apple Watch, a 50″ 4K QLED Smart TV, and more!
  • We’ll also be doing a random draw at the end of the month for a prize worth $250, like a Nespresso coffee machine, luxury bottles of liquor, and more.

“As far as purchases, I will be waiting until I move into a new home and use the gift card for appliances, furniture, etc. But I know myself and the team love the incentive. It pushes us to want to use financing more than usual and goes a long way with our guys as well!” – Nolan Cashion, Francis Home Environment

The Big Winner (Grand Prizes) 

After the contest closes, we’ll randomly draw a winner who will be able to choose one of ten prizes worth up to $3,000. These prizes include jewelry from Hermès, a workout bike from Peloton, a BMW M Bike, a whole-home theatre package from LG and Dolby, and more.

Finally, the individual who submitted the most ballots overall for the year will get to choose from eight incredible prizes valued at $15,000:

  • A 2021 Vespa
  • An all-inclusive vacation
  • A 2021 SEA-DOO GTI 130
  • A 2022 Honda CRF450RX Dirt Bike
  • A 2022 SKI-DOO Grand Touring Sport
  • A 2021 CAN-AM Outlander XT ATV
  • A luxurious 90-jet hot tub spa
  • $15,000 cash

One Month Left to Get Your Deals in

With just about a month to go before the final draw, there’s no time to waste. Get your last few deals in to win big with SNAP Home Finance and The Great Canadian Dealer Showdown. Good luck! For more information, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.

*Approved deferral applications up to $10,000 are worth one ballot. Approved deferral applications over $10,000 will count as two ballots.

Meet Farooq Aslam, SNAP Home Finance’s Team Lead for Funding. Farooq oversees the team that’s responsible for day-to-day funding activities for all your applications. He’s responsible for ensuring all your documents and funding receipts are in order so that your payments can go out when you need them.

Farooq has been with the company for over a year and works relentlessly with his team to ensure you’re getting the support you need every step of the way, from getting your deals funded to providing updates on your applications. “I love being able to work as a team to find the best possible way to help our dealers,” says Farooq. “Our goal in the funding team is about more than just making sure dealers get paid. We provide support however we can.”

Thanks to Farooq’s help and dedication, we’ve been able to make the dealer funding process as quick and seamless as possible.

When he’s not taking care of funding your deals, you’ll find Farooq out with his family or playing at the park with his two young children.