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Javon Findlator, AVP of Residential New Construction

Meet Javon Findlator, AVP of Residential New Construction. Javon is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business’s new construction arm, which includes HVAC and water heating equipment, sub-metering, and EV charging for new homes and multi-residential buildings, as well as our White Label RNC Program.

Javon and his team develop strategy, pricing, marketing support, operations, and everything in between to ensure dealers are set up for success in the new construction space. They also work closely with dealers to get firsthand feedback on improving the RNC program and how to make it more flexible and customized to dealers’ needs.

What does he love most about his job? “The hustle,” says Javon. “My job is very entrepreneurial in nature. It’s not cookie-cutter at all, and I love that. I get to go to battle alongside builders and dealers every day. Whether it’s helping builders overcome pricing challenges or helping dealers strategize to make their bids more competitive, I love the rush of trying to come up with new, innovative solutions.”

When he’s not hard at work building out our RNC business, you’ll find Javon working on his second passion—to become an avid real estate investor and someday own a boutique hotel somewhere hot and sunny.