The Expert Team Dedicated to Building Your Business

Meet Kevin Stout, SNAP Home Finance’s Senior Executive Vice President of Sales. With his guidance, we’ve been able to successfully scale our salesforce, improve the dealer experience, and make life easier for you and your team.

With over 20 years of experience in senior sales management across North America, Kevin is responsible for the ongoing development and execution of all the programs, strategies, and unique initiatives that drive revenue for our dealer partners. In other words, he looks for new ways to increase your earning potential.

The goal of Kevin’s team is to connect with our dealers and vendors to determine how their business works, and where they need our support.

“Our dealers are our top priority. That’s why everything we do links back to our partners,” says Kevin. “I strongly believe that when we take a step back and really connect with our dealers about what they need to support their business, that’s when we can truly work together to make a meaningful impact. And ultimately, to expand profitability.”

Kevin’s teams are central to our strong relationships with dealers and stakeholders, and his leadership is key in helping to create a specialized experience for every partner. He has also worked to develop better methods of distribution for sales, via face-to-face, tele-sales, direct outreach, and more.

Want to get in touch with Kevin? You can reach him any time at [email protected].