We’re Extending Our Promotions to Help You Land More Sales

Close off the year strong - extending summer promotions until December 31, 2022

Our summer promotions were so popular this year that we’re extending them to the end of the year. These offers are a great way to help customers take on bigger home improvement projects, ease some stress on their existing renovation plans, or just feel more confident about finally taking on their dream home improvement project. What does all this mean for you? More sales closed at the kitchen table!

Here are a few reasons why offering customers promotions is such an effective marketing strategy for your business.

  1. People are always on the lookout for deals. If you can offer a promotion to a customer in an email or social media post, it could catch their attention and push them to reach out.
  2. Customers are more likely to purchase if you offer an incentive. As many as 77% of shoppers say that discounts will influence where they shop, according to a study by Forrester Consulting. By offering exclusive incentives, you’ll be able to close more deals.
  3. It rewards their loyalty. By introducing a promotion at the end of a conversation and positioning it as a gift, you can acknowledge a customer’s loyalty and make them feel appreciated.
  4. Promotions help spark more urgency to close. A promotion with a clear end date helps encourage uncertain customers to close.
  5. It creates a positive association with your business. Offering a promotion that allows customers to save money helps to create a positive association with your business, even after the deal has closed.

Getting a deal done at the kitchen table can be a whole lot easier with our promotions on your side. They are now available until December 31, 2022*, so make sure all your customers are aware of them before they’re gone for the year.

Looking for more tips about how our promotions can inspire customer loyalty, encourage bigger projects, and help your deals close faster? Get in touch with your Business Development Manager today.

*Funding must be completed by February 28, 2023.