Introducing a New Podcast to Help You Take Your Sales Game to the Next Level

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There are just a few weeks before our spring promotions wrap up! Here are some quick tips on how to use the offers to help you close more deals this month.

Business Corner: Your Guide to the Most Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign

Here’s what you need to know to develop a profitable lead nurturing strategy that results in higher closing ratios, more sales volume, and greater revenue.

Drive More Sales This Year by Joining the SNAP All-Star Alliance Program

We generate qualified leads for you so that you can focus on sales, revenue, and your customers. It’s that simple! Learn more about this industry-first program.

How to Leverage Financing to Offset Inflation and Improve Purchasing Power

There’s no denying the impact of inflation on consumer spending. But it’s not all bad news. Learn about how financing actually works in your favour, plus tips and tricks for overcoming common customer objections.
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Sneak Peek: Industry Trends You Need to Know About

Here’s a glimpse into an interesting market trend that can change the way you do business. This is the first of many market insights we’ll be sharing with you.
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Business Corner: How to Make the Most of Referrals for Your Business

Word-of-mouth can work wonders for your business. Find out how to curate referrals the right way so that you can reap the benefits of this invaluable marketing strategy.

Introducing the SNAP All-Star Alliance, a New Lead Generation Program to Help You Earn More This Year

Discover a brand new program designed to give you leads so you can earn incremental revenue, without having to do any extra prospecting.
eNews Financing

Debunking the Idea That Financing Isn’t Beneficial for Customers

We’re breaking down customer benefits of financing to help you show, once and for all, that it really works to their advantage.
Home Renovation

What You Need to Know About 2021 Home Improvement Trends and How They’ll Impact Your Business This Year

Q3 and Q4 of 2021 revealed some interesting insights about the evolving home improvement industry. Learn more about how you can use this information for greater success in 2022.
Power of Video

Business Corner: The Power of Video as a Sales Tool

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Are you taking advantage of this tool for your business? If not, you could be missing out on valuable sales. Learn why video is such a game-changer, plus tips on how to get the most out of your sales videos.