Drive More Sales This Year by Joining the SNAP All-Star Alliance Program

Get More Leads. Close More Deals. Earn More Revenue.

Bringing in a steady stream of customers can take a lot of work, not to mention the time it takes for prospecting. What if we could take some of this lead generation pressure off you? What if there was a way you could receive pre-qualified, highly motivated leads without looking for them yourself? That’s exactly what the SNAP All-Star Alliance is designed to do.*

This brand-new proprietary program is available exclusively for SNAP Home Finance dealers who are looking to get qualified leads, close more sales, and generate incremental revenue without adding extra work to their already packed schedule.

How the SNAP All-Star Alliance Works

  1. We generate new prospects for All-Star Alliance members.
  2. Every prospect is pre-screened according to a detailed set of criteria, so they receive a personalized experience from start to finish.
  3. We tailor the experience based on your needs as an All-Star Alliance member, including pricing, intake forms, questionnaires, and more.
  4. When the lead comes to you, they’re ready to sign on the dotted line.

What You Need to Know as an All-Star Alliance Member

As a member of the SNAP All-Star Alliance, you’ll receive highly qualified leads generated from various sources within SNAP Home Finance. For the program to work effectively, all members are required to provide the following:

  • A list of your required criteria for each lead so we can properly qualify prospects for you.
  • A list of the areas you service.

The key to maximizing your conversion ratio and success with the program is speed to lead.

  • Within 24 Hours: Call the lead to begin the sales process.
  • Within 48 Hours: Have your first appointment with the prospect booked.
  • Within One Week: Complete or schedule the installation.

Conversion ratio by time chart

How to Join the SNAP All-Star Alliance Program

The SNAP All-Star Alliance is a ground-breaking program in the home renovation financing space and has already been a game-changer for many dealers in our network. To learn more about the program or become a member, contact your Business Development Manager, and they will walk you through the next steps.


* Currently available only in Ontario.