The Expert Team Dedicated to Building Your Business

Jacob Watson, SVP of Marketing

Meet Jacob (we call him Jake) Watson, our Senior Vice President of Marketing. Jake is the guy that brings our innovative products to life. He’s a passionate, dynamic marketing expert with a wealth of experience developing strong, data-driven marketing strategies that drive revenue and growth.

Marketing is a key component of any sales organization. After all, it’s hard to make sales if no one knows or understands the value of what you’re selling. As a SNAP Home Finance dealer, you also have access to our top-notch marketing team, led by Jake.

In addition to driving initiatives for the SNAP Home Finance brand, Jake’s team also plays a critical role in developing marketing strategies and collateral for you and your business. This includes developing key selling messages about consumer financing, producing high-quality assets you can use to market to your customer base, collecting consumer insights to strengthen your sales strategy, and more.

What Jake loves most about his job is discovering new, innovative, marketing solutions that drive growth for SNAP Home Finance dealers. “I love searching for new, creative, ways to drive growth for our valued dealers. Afterall, their success is our success. Every day is something new,” says Jake. “What sets us apart from everyone else is that we’re laser-focused on meaningfully improving the lives of our dealers, and it starts with building honest, valuable, relationships that dealers can rely on.”

When he’s not working, you’ll find Jake lounging by his pool with a margarita or hanging out with his wife and two daughters.